Sunday, November 25, 2012

Enjoy Currency Trading and Enjoy Life

By Todd Watson

I speak to traders that spend every waking hour focused on trading. While this is going to be fine for some it's not for me, I know this because I once used to be that man. I originally got interested in trading because I dreamed about being rich and having the time to do what ever I wanted. I have a compulsive nature to start with and I hunger for knowledge. This combination led me to work consistently, to learn more about trading. I maintained a full-time job and studied trading method after dark, often until midnight only to get up the following day at 4:30 A.M. To go to work.

Studying the markets were a 7 day a week thing for me. This went on for a couple of years. From time to time I would personally meet other traders and met some through the net. Over time I spotted that some traders didn't obsess over trading the way In which I did. Most did but a scattering did not.I thought that one day if I was a hard worker enough I might be like them. Then one day I met a person that modified my thinking. Through our discussions about trading I spotted that he started about the same time as myself. He didn't have as much experience as I had and it was clear that his understanding of the markets wasn't as extensive as myself.

The curious thing was that he traded only 2 hours each day and didn't work any other job. The remainder of his time he golfed and spent some time with his family. I queried him in hope that he would share his secret trading formula with me. To my continuing surprise he didn't have a top secret device for trading markets. Instead he had a top secret device for life generally. ENJOY IT!! That day I realized I Had lost sight absolutely of my original goal which was to have more time.

I had ran utterly in the other direction. Rather than trading freeing from a job it had get even more of a job than my precise job was. My percentage of winning trades wasn't where I wanted it to be and thought that I could study my way to a better p.c.. After talking with him I made up my mind to take five from trading and come back with a new point of view. When I again started to trade I only allowed myself to spend 2 hours a day on trading. I was more relaxed and I traded more infrequently.

This turned out to be great, my win p.c. went up because I was more choosy in my trades and I wasn't stressed about everything. Today I enjoy life much more and trading is what I thought that it might be.... Thanks Robert Remember there is alot more to life than trading. Life is too brief to spend every hour wanting to make another great market move. What if that next move does not occur during your life, then what have you gained. Trading is excellent and I do like it but I am not going to sacrifice my life and the happiness of those I adore for it. I have a life I completely propose to like it.

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